w/ Crystalloid Electrolyte Sea Minerals (CESM)


Your pets deserve complete nutrition too!

"my farrier said his hooves are like steel now!" more...
Susan K

"I just really wanted to thank you for this miracle supplement it has rejuvenated my horse" more...
Tony Z

"My almost 20 year old Percheron/TB mare developed acute laminitis in August 2017. She could barely stand " more...
Jeanne Bradbury

"Best product ever for horses hooves. My 13 yo mare had an extremely bad case of thrush. " more...
Terri Lukehart

"Wayne: Yes, omg she is doing so much better not only is she walking again without pain" more...
Samantha Gaffey

"Better than any other treatments in exactly six weeks of use she is sound and healthy" more...
Vanessa H.

"Really love the product. We’ve had great success with our two geriatric mares. " more...
Sharon Key

"Dear Wayne....thank you again for devoting your life to helping animals who truly need a miracle." more...
Deborah Corey

"E3 Live for Horses saved my horse Toby. We made the decision to end his suffering end of March 2015. I read an article about your product and felt compelled to try this one last thing." more...
Dana H

"My now 19 yr old Bashir Curly cross Dusty, suffered from severe heaves/COPD.I started Dusty on E3Live for Horses mid. March, within a month I took him off all prescription medication." more...
Cathie Giajnorio

"=Really impressed this has given my 19 yr old horse a new lease on life. Has dramatically helped with inflammation. I take it my self and has worked well!"
Cindy Haverty

"E3 Live™FOR HORSES gets results." more...
The Kaleas Family

"After a short period of time the hoof is white as marshmallow and the knife glides easily through it." more...
Scott Rawles

"Horses eating E3 Live™FOR HORSES, in my clientele, do not develop fungal problems. For those that had fungus, it went away in 6 weeks to 3 months." more...
Roy Evans

"After going through the information, I decided to give it a try. My stallion had very shelly feet on the medial side and the material was extremely crumbly. This foot started out with the sole very dry and brittle, after E3 Live™FOR HORSES, the sole was apple-peel consistency, no more hard and brittle hard-to-work with sole." more...
Brian Eastman

"I just stop feeding the E3 AFA™FOR HORSES and much to my shock, her condition worsened, it really was E3 AFA™FOR HORSES and it was helping her noticeably. E3 AFA™FOR HORSES has to be part of this horse's regular diet, it's a food, and it really works." more...
Marty Clark

"The difference is you can see results in 6 weeks instead of six months! I BELIEVE IT HEALS THE FOOT." more...
Leroy Miller

"In just 6 weeks of feeding twice daily E3 AFA™FOR HORSES there was a new clearness in the sole, and her feet look great." more...
Yvette Youngblood

"As you know our 3 PMU foals had chronic problems with thrush and hooves that tended to spread and break. After feeding them the E3 AFA™FOR HORSES for a short time, there was dramatic improvement." more...
Pattie Chelseth

"Since we put two of our stallions on a regular diet of E3 AFA™FOR HORSES, they have shown a distinct change in hoof quality, as well as quieter dispositions." more...
Jackie & David Schuesting

"Our beloved Samson, a 20 yr old Belgian gelding, had been abscessing for 7 years in a row. We believe the abscess cleared because of E3 Live™FOR HORSES." more...
Kelly Thrall

"I have never seen anything like this. I can't tell you all the differences the E3 AFA™FOR HORSES has made in the weaning colts and in the mothers. I had a case of laminitis in one horse, it is gone and the hooves are better than they ever were before." more...
Angel Usategui

"I believe E3 Live™FOR HORSES makes coats shines, eyes bright, main and tail grow more profusely and hooves are strong and solid." more...
Captain Stephen B. Sloane

"Thanks to E3 Live™FOR HORSES my horse is alert, he's filled out, and his tail is now almost doubled in thickness it's grown nearly four inches longer." more...
Jeannie Cairns

"After 2 months he was trotting like a 3-year-old not a 23 year old and his hooves were vastly improved. " We are very impressed with the results." more...
Joe & Jenny Decker

"I feed my horse, Caesar, E3 AFA™FOR HORSES, because I can see the difference. Caesar has a lustrous coat and strong hooves that go most of the year barefoot." more...
Bob Cairns

"Although, I was spending roughly $150 a month on supplements, by switching to the right one I finally have solved a multitude of issues. Two bottles (50 grams) last the animals 6 plus weeks, what a deal." more...
Jaqcui Jenkins

"Soon after I adopted him, we dealt w/white line disease and then laminitis (again 2 of the most effective results from use of E3 Live™FOR HORSES). I'm so pleased and have told so many people about the product (of course, I have been dealing with skeptics)."more...
Shelby King

"I have been using E3AFA™ caps for myself and E3Live™FOR HORSES for my horse, Reggie, since May 2011 and have been thrilled with the results for both of us. Reggie was prone to horrible allergies/hives, especially every August for the past several years. August 2011 – No Hives! His farrier believes his hooves are in the best shape this year as well."more...
Rebecca Hall

"Thank you for everything. My horse LOVES your product and is on her way to definite healing and in time, to a much more healthy and Happy life." more...
Suzanne Badeaux

"E3 Live for Horses was the only dietary change that resulted in an impressive increase in sole depth as shown in the radiographs. I concluded that this product not only accelerated foot growth but improved hoof wall quality as well." more...
Dr. Kate Stephenson

"I have never, in twenty-five years of treating lameness, seen abscesses clear up so quickly. Some of the things I have seen, in such a short time, I wouldn't have believed if someone just tried to tell me." more...
Reuben Miller



Blue Green Algae For Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

E3 Canine 
is 100% Certified Organic Aphanizomenon flos-aquae
No additives, no pesticides and no preservatives.




w/Crystalloid  Electrolyte Sea Minerals(CESM)
Your pets deserve complete nutrition too!


Many pet owners, show dog and  cat owners and other animal lovers are feeding E3 Live™FOR HORSES w/CESM  (frozen liquid) and E3 AFA™FOR HORSES w/CESM (dried flakes) to their animals. 



Dry Product

for Dogs under 30 lbs/13.6kg and under
serving size:
 1 scoop of powder
suggested use: One or more times daily as desired.

for Dogs 31lbs/14.1kg and over
serving size:
 2 scoops of powder
suggested use: One or more times daily as desired.

Liquid Product

for Dogs under 30 lbs/13.6kg and under
serving size:
 2 tsp
suggested use: One or more times daily as desired.

for Dogs 31lbs/14.1kg and over
serving size:
 4 tsp
suggested use: One or more times daily as desired.

Note: 3 tsp is about 1/2 ounce.


100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, a Nutrient Dense Aqua Botanical (blue-green algae)

Additional Tips

As with all dietary changes, please introduce new foods slowly to avoid digestive upsets. In some cases, doubling the maximum feeding over a short period of time may prove beneficial.

Note: Included scoop measures 1/2 Teaspoon, about 1 gram of E3 Canine Powder.

May Promote

  • a strengthened immune system
  • anti-inflammatory action
  • enhanced energy, vitality and endurance
     - great for older dogs!
  • improved attention, alertness and brain function
  • healthier skin conditions and a lustrous coat

               This product is not intended to diagnose,  treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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